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Monday, June 16, 2014

Solution to Red Sox woes found in Massachusetts basement?

Ruth's bat: Magic for the taking? (TMZ)

As the Red Sox lineup continues to struggle, with five runs combined over the last three games, the solution to the team's offensive problems may be at hand.

A Massachusetts family going through a seemingly routine spring cleaning recently found a batch of old baseball bats from the 1910s packed away in the basement. One of them turned out to belong to a former Red Sox pitcher who could also hit a little: Babe Ruth. 

The Ruth model dates from approximately 1916-18,  a period when the Babe was one of the best left-handers in baseball and was also developing the power that would revolutionize the game. His 11 home runs in 1918 led the American League, and a year later he smashed a record 29 before his sale to the Yankees -- for whom he set another new mark with 54 homers in 1920.

The bat has been authenticated and is currently on auction with Goldin Auctions. The opening bid is set at $50,000. 
Too familiar a sight this year. (AP, Charles Krupa)

Other than David Ortiz, there is no current Red Sox player on pace for a 20-homer year. Perhaps the key to an offensive turnaround lays in the magic of the Bambino -- and John Henry could change Boston's fortunes by getting out his checkbook and outbidding the highest offer.

Boston enters play Tuesday with a team batting average well short of .250, and a modest total of 50 home runs. Maybe taking a few cuts with Ruth's 40.5-ounce stick could provide the boost needed to heat up with the weather.


  1. hi Saul, I was just telling my grandsons some of the quotes attributed to Babe Ruth for "Wit and Wisdom" I'm hoping that there is a revised edition upcoming. One thing I would ask you to revisit is your opinion of George Carlin's position. I would argue that he was pro-baseball, George was a pacifist who believed that we take football to seriously. If you don't believe me also see Lowell Cohn of the Pressdemocrat comments Oct 16 2013.
    Thanks for everything.

    1. Good point about Carlin. In retrospect, now that I'm 20 years older than when I wrote that book, I would agree that he was pro-baseball and was making fun of the war-like feeling of football. Sadly, however, baseball has fallen even further behind in popularity. I'm not sure if a new edition of Wit & Wisdom is coming, but if it ever does, I'll make that change! :)